What to think about when buying a Moonstone ring

There are certain traits and characteristics that people like to find in something precious like gemstones, for example. Despite many people may think it is always just about the pure bling, most of the times it is that special something that clicks in your mind when you touch, feel or look at a certain gem. When it comes to the moonstone, the first fact to be noted out is that it is a gem enticing to generations and generations before those reigning today.

Where and when is it found

Being a favorite among the Romans and Greeks, a good quality moonstone is something surely deemed as extremely precious, classic and antique. Today, the hearts of the many moonstone earrings, necklace pendants and rings are found in Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, the US and more countries, meaning it is not continent or region specific.

Speaking chemistry-wise, moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate, belonging to a group of special minerals called feldspars. Because of its fused nature (it is made out of more varieties of feldspar), a moonstone gem has tiny layers between those elements. That trait is to be thanked for the most special characteristic of the moonstone – its adolescence. When light hits those layers, a mystic, foggy luster is created, which is mostly reminiscent of a glowing and a bit ghostly moon shine. When you look at it, you simply think of fresh, clear nights or even classic moon shine playing with the tides, with the tides moving simultaneously as you move the moonstone around its axis.

Meaning and use of moonstones

Besides the obvious physical appeal as the main reason for it to become a top-of-the-mind gemstone choice, the exact same physical appearance is responsible for many perceptions, beliefs and stories about the moonstone.

First of all, its glowy, tranquil look makes it easy to see why one of the strongest beliefs regarding this gem is that it brings serenity, peace and exquisite feminine energy to the wearer. Although someone might not take spiritual promises for granted, still, it is true that just looking at this artisan gem would make your mind slightly wander off to another place or dimension, where things are stress free and peaceful, without the added eerie feeling.

All of the mentioned moonstone properties are obviously attributed to women, meaning moonstone has immense feminine energy, aiding everyday female tasks and duties, such as being a great mother or wife, but also a skillful businesswoman. Due to its calming and balancing abilities, moonstone found many applications among feng shui practitioners and in the Buddhism religion. Speaking of birth months, the moonstone is associated with June.

Moonstone jewelry had a specific rebirth of popularity during the Art Nouveau era, with many prominent designers and jewelers using them to create a modern, but ethereal look.

Why should you pick a moonstone?

It is a pity that some gem varieties, less known to the general audience are unreasonably pushed by the classic, popular gems. But, if you opt to have an authentic look that is bound to create a mysterious and feminine aura around you, a moonstone ring, necklace or a pair of moonstone earrings is an exceptional choice to make.

It is not as mainstream as the diamond, although it is translucent and bright like a fine diamond. Also, it has some similarities with opals (if you are a fan of them), since it has similar optic effects happening, but only on the colder color side of the spectrum. When it comes to the color itself, a moonstone luster reflects on the hues found in aquamarines and sapphires. How cool it is to be a meeting point of so many gems?

How to take care of your moonstone jewelry

Being the source of balance and energy, it would be a shame to treat your moonstone ring (earrings or pendants) with little to no care. Avoid all kinds of physical, intense contact with the moonstone, especially if the gem is mounted on a ring. That means no furniture transporting, sudden movement exercises or cleaning with this precious fellow on your finger. Of course, the same precautions apply for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, just that they are not as often in direct contact with things around us like it is the case with rings.

Another property is witnessing the feminine fragileness, and it is the Mohs hardness scale. The moonstone is somewhere in the medium to soft range of stones according to the scale, meaning it should be looked after in order to prevent cracking. In real time, the advice is to avoid exposing the gem to high temperatures, so forget ultrasonic or cleansers that work with steam. It is best to use plain water and a mild detergent and then you could rest assured that the moonstone’s shine, magic and energy isn’t disrupted at all.


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