Our Story

Our creative journey began back in 2017 and has seen Sunday Island Jewelry grow into something unique. We’re proud to be a Sweden-based jewelry brand that’s focused on delivering unconventional engagement rings and fine jewelry for your special occasions. Along the way we’ve developed our own style, design ethos and outlook on the world.

Your Jewelry, Reimagined

Our passion lies in moving away from typical Scandinavian minimalistic styles so you can enjoy pieces from the heart that truly mean something. The shapes, the lines and the materials are all inspired and guided by the natural world around us, resulting in pieces that truly do speak to you. To tie everything together, we also turn to the vintage style to help us create nontraditional elements that really do reimagine everything jewelry can be.

Passionately Authentic

We take pride in creating uniquely gorgeous pieces that mean something to you. To make it happen, we combine natural gemstones and diamonds with the unique journey of recycled metals. At every stage we go in search of ethical materials that tell the right story and allow us to do the right thing. Put it all together and you have jewelry that speaks to you in every language.

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Mailing address: Sunday Island AB, Box 53038, 40014 Gothenburg, Sweden

  Company registration number : 559166-2928