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Celebrate Your Happily-Ever-After

Romantic, nostalgic and fit for royalty, Sunday Island Jewelry specializes in lovingly created, fine jewelry pieces. By combining precious metals, natural gemstones and designs inspired by a bygone era, our jewelers create statement pieces that speak volumes about their wearers. Our core belief is that exceptional craftsmanship doesn’t simply end once the piece is created but, rather, that it is a part of the jewelers journey to match the right piece to its destined owner.

We believe that jewelry is chosen by the heart, not the mind, which is why our designs are inspired by the idea of old-school romance, fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters. That’s why we’re renowned for finding an engagement ring match that suits you as well as your beloved’s heart does. If you’re looking for a truly original piece that’s meticulously made to your exact specifications, our team will collaborate with you to make your dream ring a reality.

Our mission is to produce authentic jewelry pieces that reflect each beautifully multi-faceted woman as if they were made with only her in mind. We want you to treasure our pieces for a lifetime, so we ensure that we only craft jewelry of the utmost quality and subject each piece to stringent quality checks before presenting them to our clients.

From Our Hands to Your Heart

Our team of expert goldsmiths and jewelry designers are masters of their craft who conceptualise and shape each intricate piece of jewelry with precision and steadfast devotion. From sourcing gemstones and raw metals to design and production, each part of the process is facilitated by a highly trained staff member who invests time, skill and effort into the final result.

Since our establishment in 2017, Sunday Island has maintained a commitment to creating memorable jewelry pieces that turn heads and inspire second glances. In the light of contemporary design trends, we have witnessed engagement rings embracing a minimalist aesthetic, blending into a uniform style where there are few characteristics that set one ring apart from another. Modern catalogues full of clean lines and stripped-back solitaires created a yearning for more timeless, elegant and feminine designs, inspired by the magnificent vintage jewelry of our grandmothers. With this vision in mind, we set out to create the first vintage-inspired jewelry brand in Sweden and, less than a decade later, we are seeing other designers around the globe becoming inspired to take a similar approach.

Made with You in Mind

We understand and respect the fact that informed customers want to know the background of their special gem, which is why we emphasize that all of our stones are conflict-free and ethically sourced with the aid of expert gemologists throughout Europe and Asia. We are aware of the incredibly heavy toll that diamond mining takes on our precious planet, which is why we choose to offer alternative gemstones and moissanites that are every bit as beautiful as diamonds while being kinder to the earth. An added benefit of this approach is that we are able to source these gorgeous gems at a fraction of the price of diamonds. This translates to more inclusive pricing, making it that much easier for you to own the special piece of jewelry that you have always desired.

At the end of the day, it is not so much about the metal, the stone or the design as it is about the delight a woman feels in wearing it. We may work with metals and stones but what we are really creating are perfect reasons for you to smile every day.

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