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Moss Agate: Everything you need to know about Moss Agates

Embrace one of the latest trends with the alluring moss agate as your next fine [...]

Natural Alexandrite vs. Synthetic/Lab Grown Alexandrite: A World of Possibilities

What is Alexandrite? Are you seeking a unique precious gemstone that is truly distinctive with [...]

Know the difference: Moissanite VS Diamond

Moissanite Diamond When it comes to rings, weddings and engagements, it was always mistaken that [...]

What makes Emerald jewelry so expensive?

Do not let the heavy greenish hue misguide you – the emerald truly is a [...]


Why the Morganite could be a perfect fit for your wedding ring

Rings are the thing where there is an omnipresent debate about whether someone should stay [...]

The difference between Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal

An introduction of Opals Opal is one of the gemstones always thrilling and never failing [...]


What to think about when buying a Moonstone ring

There are certain traits and characteristics that people like to find in something precious like [...]

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