Engagement Rings & Fine Jewelry

Romantic, nostalgic and fit for royalty, Sunday Island Jewelry specializes in lovingly created, fine jewelry pieces. By combining precious metals, natural gemstones and designs inspired by a bygone era, we create statement pieces that speak volumes about their wearers. 

Engagement Rings

Celebrate your special day with our lovingly handcrafted engagement rings.



A collection of our fine jewelry necklaces. Our necklaces are designed to perfection, with a sense of minimalism and vintage.



A collection of our finest earrings. Perfect as a gift, or just to complement your already amazing look for those special occasions.



Learn more about gemstones, jewelry and us from our fantastic blog.


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Modern vintage designed engagement rings

We are a fine jewelry brand based in Sweden specializing in handcrafting timeless jewelry for your special occasion. We design and create feminine, vintage-inspired engagement rings and handpick every single gemstone to ensure the highest quality possible. If you have a particular love for vintage fashion, you are at the right place! We are dedicated to create modern as well as vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. Our designs combine the best elements of vintage and modern into our jewelry for a result that looks feminine and classy. You can customize all of our rings to your specific liking, just send us an email (link).

Moonstones, opals and diamonds.

In the past a few years, opal, moonstone and diamond have become the most popular gemstones for the engagement rings due to the significance they stand for. They are also the most common-used stone that you can find in our unique designs. Additionally, all of our gemstones are to carefully sourced from ethical and reputable suppliers to stay developmentally sustainable and environmentally conscious. Every piece of gemstone are examined with a lot of care before your order goes in to production.

Finding the perfect jewelry for your special occasion.

We make jewelry that stands out. All of our products are made-on-order and can be customized completely for your wedding or engagement. If you just want a ring because it’s beautiful and not for a special occasion, that’s fine too. Our jewelry fits lovely in any fashionable situation. In our path to discover the best designs we have created over 100 concepts to date. Fortunately some of them made it to our collection.

Finding a balance between a simple look and an elegant vintage-inspired design is what drives our motivation to make the perfect engagement rings and jewelry available online. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, some beautifully handcrafted earrings or just fashionable necklaces, you can always contact us or look around our site for something you like. Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries. We can fully customize any of our collection items, or even create a completely new one based on your own instructions.

What do we normally design and craft? We usually receive questions about what kind of designs or materials, gemstones we use. But it’s really much up to your own imagination. We are able to craft most things that are made with Gold or Platinum, and pretty much any gemstone goes, such as: Moonstone, Diamond, Opal, Sapphire and much more. If you are looking for a jeweller that takes a lot of pride in perfection and execution of the craft, you’ve come to the right place. We hope you will buy your engagement ring, necklace or bracelet from us. Thank you for reading!